Institution Chrétienne d'Haïti


Our track record for scholastic excellence is stellar among Haitian schools. We have steadily achieved 100% success rates for Haitian state examinations across all grade levels.

Setting our sights higher, we aspire to excel at an international scale. Our curriculum is being upgraded with Advanced Placement classes to ready students for a collegiate environment abroad or domestically.

Language Studies

We offer a bilingual program centered around mastery of the French and English languages. We pride ourselves on our English training, as we work to prepare our students to thrive in Western civilization.

As it is the language of our country, Haitian Creole is the main language used in our courses. We also offer Spanish courses, being next-door neighbors to the Dominican Republic.

Professional Development

ICDH hosts interdisciplinary training courses for school staff to keep teachers abreast on the latest techniques and equipment for education.

Topics range from curriculum updates and teaching techniques to software skills such as utilizing online grading systems, recording video courses, hosting online lessons, using SMART boards, and effective use of slideshows and text editors.

Our program is open for free to school staff from other schools, with the goal of raising the overall bar of Haiti's education quality.


We are outfitted with laptops and tablets for use in our lessons. Studies have shown that overuse of technology in schools can dull student comprehension, a risk that we take very seriously.

While we encourage the usage of laptops and tablets in our lessons, we are sure to enact strict parental control and security measures on the devices to ensure focus on the task at hand. Screen-sharing software is used to monitor every student's screen, as well.


We treat the safety of our students and faculty as a primary priority. Our campus is equipped with state-of-the-art security cameras and bio-metric scanners. We also employ school security guards to patrol the premises and maintain peace & order.

We pool a great deal of resources into our school, which is visible to the surrounding community and often leads to being targeted for theft or even kidnapping. We refuse to be deterred by a few bad apples, and continue to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and equipment.


We support primary and secondary education. Since beginning at kindergarten to 2nd grade in 2000, we've increased our grade by one each year.

Our primary school is renown for fostering prodigal growth in our young ones. Students whom start with us through primary and continue through secondary are our most successful. They learn English at an earlier age, and benefit from the strong foundation built in their primary school education.

Our secondary education is quite challenging and formidable. At grades 6-8, we prepare our students to excel at a high school level curriculum. We prepare our students for state exams, but are sure to push beyond the boundary. For high school, we are in college preparation mode. We engage our students in courses necessary to excel at SAT/ACT exams. Our career guidance program helps our high school students prepare for their futures and aid them in planning ahead.