FBLA Haiti is developing the next generation of ethical business leaders


FBLA-PBL inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.

Each year, events is a wide variety of topics are held that challenge and develop key skills and traits necessary for a successful foray into the modern corporate ecosystem.


As a large-scale international convention of business-minded students and staff, the opportunities to make lasting connections are enormous.

By competing in events or engaging in social activity, students often come across like-minded peers. These connections often translate into a useful network for our students in their future endeavors.


By learning to excel and thrive in an international scholastic environment, they are prepared for studying abroad for collegiate education.

The FBLA experience exposes them to international standards of scholastic excellence. Our students come away with a strong sense of purpose, which translates into certainty on their selected fields of study.>


FBLA remains at the precipice of modern entrepreneurship and the skills and techniques involved.

Our students are exposed to new ways of thinking and often lead to the generation of new startup and business ideas. By leveraging what they learn, they become aware of new ways to form profitable businesses, either digitally or in their local communities.


All th necessary visas, hotel reservations, and airfare are secured on the behalf our participants. For many of our students, this is their first experience with outside of Haiti.

We expose our students to borders beyond Haiti and equip them with the knowledge of experience of travelling safe and smart.

Global Citizen

FBLA serves as a way to induct our students into the global community. They learn to adopt a global mindset, which grants them the ability to generate more opportunities by raising the possibilities.

By being vigilant of the social, political, and economic states of the Western powers, our students are equipped to adapt to change and identify budding opportunity when they see it.

Representing Haiti since 2011